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2014 ~

2017. 06
Won contract with Singapore Electric Office for 230kV electric cable installation project worth 330 million dollars
2017. 04
Won contract with Qatar Electric Office for 400kV/230kV/132kV electric cable installation project worth 220 million dollars

2016. 08
Won contract with the Danish and BritishElectric Office for 230kV electric cable installation project

2015. 10
Won contract with Saudi Arabia’s Electric Office for 380kV electric cable installation project worth 230 million dollars

2014. 10
Completed installation of USSMECO’s 230kV electric cableover PATUXENT RIVER 1.5km HDD section

2012 ~ 2013

2013. 06
Won contract for STX water/thermal power generator in Banwol and installation of underground electric cables
2013. 04
Won contract forEDF 225kV electric cable installation project in France
2013. 02
Won contract with Egypt’s Electric Office for 500kV electric cable installation

2012. 12
Won contract with Sweden’s Electric Office for 400kV electric cable installation
2012. 03
Won turnkey project worth 110 million dollars in Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

2008 ~ 2011

2011. 01
Won contract for installation of backbone network for Vodafone Qatar’s fiber optic telecom network

2010. 01
Won 275kV underground line turn-key project for Adelaide City, from South Australia Electricity Board, Australia

2009. 07
Won 220kV 700km turn-key project of Electricity-Water Authority of Bahrain
2009. 03
Won 132kV turn-key project of Ministry of Electricity and Water of Kuwait

2008. 05
Extra-high voltage cable turn-key project of Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation

2006 ~ 2007

2006. 11
Won project with Singapore Electric Office for high voltage 400kV OF/PPLP
2006. 01
Won contract from USKeySpan for the supply and installation of 345kV XLPE electric cables

2000 ~ 2005

Won FTTH communication network project of Kuwait Ministry of Telecom

2004. 05
Won project from Saudi Arabia for the supply and installation of 380KV VLPE 2500SQ cables

2002. 11
Installation of345KV cables for Youngsuh-Youngdeungpo in the T/L construction and 345kV XLPE cables for the first ever in Korea

2001. 02
Won contract with the India Electric Office for the installation of a telecom/ power infrastructure in eastern India

1992 ~ 1999

1999. 12
Supply and installation of a comprehensive monitoring system for transmission cables of KEPCO
1999. 05
Won project for supply and installation of high voltage cables in Taiwan
1999. 04
Won KEPCO project for the installation of 345kV high voltage cables between West Incheon-Shin Bupyeong

1996. 10
Won project from Thailand Electric Office for 230kV electric cable
1996. 08
161kV extra-high .voltage cable project of Israel Electric Corporation

1993. 12
Won project with Pakistan Electric Office for 220kV high voltage cable installation

1992. 03
Won OF underground cable project of 345kV class of Korea Electric Corporation for the first time in our country

1984 ~ 1991

1991. 11
Won project from Singapore Electric Office for 66kV high voltage cable

1989. 08
Won turnkey project in Pakistan for 132kV high voltage cable installation

1988. 12
Succeeded in accessing high voltage 154kV two type cable for the first time in Korea

1984. 05
Won extra-high 154kV XLPE power cable turn-key project for Samrangjin pump-up electric power station
1984. 04
Completed the installation of 66kV XLPE cables in North Jeju thermal power plant no.1 and 2.

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